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BMP180 Barometric Sensor, Sparkfun Serial Seven Segment & Feather Cortex M0 Processor

Project for portable Arduino work that also allows integration and experimentation with BMP180 Barometric Sensor breakout board.  It also has a pushbutton input and a photo transistor, and a voltage divider to measure current.  I plan to use this in … Continue reading

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Wine Cellar Temp Monitor

Project Documentation Description:  Based on Arduino UNO (SMD) this circuit prevents a wine cooler from going over temperature and cooking the wine – an unfortunately common experience. System Design: Old Arduino UNO SMD platform with Sparkfun digital Seven Segment Temperature … Continue reading

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Beaglebone Black SSH and Startup Problems: Connection reset by peer & USB Hub

I just got the version ‘B’ going this week and found several problems that could have been avoided if the built in SW was solid, or if there were installation/startup notes.  I created a simple space frame built from structured … Continue reading

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