Webify Your Busines

Webify Presentation for IEEE

Sunnyvale, CA – Jan 21, 2011

Patrick Schwerdtfeger

General Recommendations

  • Try out friend feed
  • Setup TCGen on yelp
  • Subscribe to blogs – twitter, LI, FB can all subscribe (try personal first)
  • Try submitting to huffington post
  • When searching for individuals on LI, join their group so you don’t use an inMail


  • Have clear call to action for site
  • Flood Internet with beginner content
  • Create intermediate content
  • Explore aweber, constantcontact, getresponse, infusionsoft,  for email management
  • Secure oDesk help & search for bloggers @ blogsearch.google.com, technorati
  • Create DB of association MGT cos.
  • Put google analytics on site
  • Change homepage to be like wireframe
  • Measure page rank on google – google page ranker
  • Google directory services
  • Use google keyword to precision optimize pages, URLs, titles
  • Create dummy home pages with specific content
  • Use isnare.com to publish articles
  • Put many outbound links on blogs
  • Use articles, trackbacks to get links
  • Submit ebooks to carnivals/ebook directories
  • Create podcasts and videos
  • Google Profiles
  • Google Alerts “call for speakers”
  • Integrate FB under notes add blog feeds
  • Integrate LI under aps, word press options
  • Blog add twitter out tool
  • FF


  • Write 300 tweets and queue
  • Participate in the conversation


  • Join customer groups, not competitor groups
  • Optimize site like what was done for Guy Kawasaki
  • Write reviews and get reviews
  • Link to twitter profile
  • Link to amazon books – easy to publish and generates credibility
  • Join groups desired prospects are in so you can in mail
  • Use slideshare


  • Set up pages
  • Put keywords in titles
  • Title not “Jane Smith” but “Jane Smith Civil Engineer in Santa Clara”


  • Make a video resume
  • The example is winelibrary TV which turned $4M to $60M
  • Do this!
  • Use external mic – biggest complaint is good sound (AT 2020 USB Mic)
  • Do a series and post to YouTube
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