SXSW – WordPress and Matt Mullenweg


Matt Mullenweg gave an amazing talk, hosted by Kara Swisher.  They could not have been more different – Kara type A, articulate, fast… Matt pensive and reflective – very calm.
Matt answered my simpleminded question about spam problems with WP, and he properly assessed that it was my Akimet settings.  I went to free customer service at the exhibit hall and was helped by Andy.  He was awesome and we had this problem, as well as merging an old blog posting issue, nailed in 15 min.
WordPress!  My best of show award to a great company.
$40m in sales, 150 people
Use kismet to reduce spam, call tech support
Matt’s wisdom on great posts:
1. Embed an image with every post
2. Have a template w/gravatar
3. Great headlines
Check out showcase on (quartz)
Checkout Jetpack
Focused on great code, not SEO
3-4 top plugins are SEO optimizers
17% of web on WordPress
Google is their biggest competitors
Best apps on iPhone are from google
He loves his Mac iPad Mini & his Macbook pro
WordPress and AllThingsDigital
When Matt Mullenweg started blogging 10 years ago, he was looking for a permanent home on the Web. His passion for blogging led him to develop WordPress, the most popular publishing platform on the Web, and then found Automattic, the company behind With the rise of services like Flickr, Facebook and Twitter, though, many have feared blogging might die all together. In this session, Matt will sit down with AllThingsD co-executive editor Kara Swisher to discuss the future of blogging in a fragmented, social media-crazed world (disclaimer: AllThingsD is a WordPress client).
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