Slide Shows for the Digital Lifestyle

I’d like to be able to easily show digital photographs taken in trips to guests when I return from trips and they are in the mood.  But how to do it?  I have an Apple TV, and a Pioneer Plasma display circa 2007, and a Macbook Air, and many other laptops and desktops… along with cameras.

However, I want to first edit, sort, polish, and tweak photographs in Lightroom 4 before sharing the photographs on our Media Room Display.  So what is the best way? Why does it seem so complicated?

Well, what are my options (given that I want to do some pre-procession on the Windows Lightroom 4 application)?

First, I should export the photos to a size that will no choke my display, which is probably around 1000 x 700 pixels.

  1. So I should sharpen for screen display of 72 DPI
  2. Shrink to a maximum edge of 1000 pixels
  3. Sharpen the image for projector display




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