Audio System Update

I caved in to the commercial route and sold out to a manufactured product, the Onkyo A-9050.  You might wonder why.  I certainly did.

The chain of logic is that I needed to fix the power amplifier situation and I don’t have the bandwidth to design and assemble a power amplifier… so I started looking around for options.  I am cursed with the knowledge of what is audible, so I don’t fall for the audiophile  stereotypes of what is needed… class A, Tube, etc., etc.

It then boiled down to what would serve the duty and fit in the physical location.  I looked at many amplifiers, but focused on integrated because there are so many more integrated than single function amplifiers.  My biggest constraint was depth!

So i jumped on the Onkyo A-9050 from Crutchfield.  $400 and no tax, no shipping.  Sweet, and it has a built in DAC which I will check out.

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