Wine Cellar Thermometer Project

We have purchased some pretty special bottles of wine over the holidays and have entrusted them to our GE wine refer.  Although this expensive and nice looking unit fits well in our living room decor, it is not very reliable and had blown up once already in the 5 years that we have owned it.  The compressor continues to make funny noises, so I thought it would be wise to monitor the temperature and if there is a problem, to turn off power to the cooler.

This is a perfect project for an Arduino (although it could be done in a very simple way with a thermistor and a relay).  We also have a 7 Segment display from Sparkfun, so we can put this to use as well to indicate the temperature and read out the high and low over the last several days.

I would like to be efficient with this project and leverage as much of my prior coding work as possible.  I have found, however, that I have Arduino project and documentation spread over tons of places and it has been difficult for me to find the latest and greatest code fragments to build upon.  So with that in mind, I plan to document this project a bit differently.

We will be using the Windows 7 machine, GA99F, and store our files in a folder called led_temp.  We will be starting with an Arduino Duemilanove, an obsolete Sparkfun 7 Segment serial display (09765), and a Dallas Semiconductor 1 wire temperature sensing IC, the 18B20.  Once this is all working, we will add a relay to interrupt the power if the temperature gets above 72 degrees.

The first thing that I did was download and tryout a test routine for the display.  This I got from the Sparkfun tutorial page.


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