How to Write a Blog Post

I enjoy writing occasional blog posts for this site and for – and I want to do this more frequently.  Below is a Mind Map to show how we might write a blog on Book Marketing.

The question is how do I do it efficiently and result with a superior result?  There are many ways, but probably there is a best way for most blogs.  Lets see if this list makes sense:

  • Generate the Topic – Combine signals from the market and areas where we have something to say
  • Generate a Mind Map – Get the ideas and facts out on the table
  • Define the key Messages – What are the few “So What’s”?
  • Create an outline, capturing the flow of the piece
  • Draft the Blog, don’t worry about typos, grammar, etc.
  • Proof – Consider having an editor look it over
  • Graphic – Create a meaningful graphic to anchor the piece
  • Publish – Use WordPress to post, and ensure that you enter the Tags, Categories, and SEO inputs


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