Beaglebone Black SSH and Startup Problems: Connection reset by peer & USB Hub

I just got the version ‘B’ going this week and found several problems that could have been avoided if the built in SW was solid, or if there were installation/startup notes.  I created a simple space frame built from structured components and used an linear 5 V supply.  It is connected to an ASUS 27″ HDMI monitor.

1.  USB Hub

First, I had a flakey USB hub issues where the USB hub did not turn on the ports for the Keyboard nor the Mouse.  I did some mucking around, changing out the USB hub and changing out the power supply.  Some forum notes indicated problems with noisey supplies.

What I discovered, and ultimately verified online is that USB 3.0 is not supported by the Beaglebone Black (BBB).  I wish that this was highlighted in the startup notes, or if the folks at would provide a ‘reference configuration’.  So if you used the following components: HDMI monitor, USB Hub, Keyboard, Mouse, SD Card, etc. you would have a working system.  I purchased the Belkin USB 2.0 4-Port Utra-Slim Desktop Hub (F4U040v) for $30 and it worked just fine.

2.  SSH Problems

This problem was very vexing as I could not login in via Terminal on the Mac into the BBB.  I would get the error message “Connection reset by peer”.  After looking around on the web, searching on this error message (using the Google Advanced Search for 1 month and more recent), I found the following post at  This nailed it!

The simple solution is to delete the file and reboot as follows:

Delete the following file /etc/dropbear/dropbear_rsa_host_key (which is a zero length file). Then (via the serial console) I do a: sync ; reboot.  Note, you do not have to do the complicated process suggested by others to use Cloud9.  This of course requires you to have an HDMI, keyboard, and mouse connected.

Frustrating.  Why is there not a set of installation notes like there is with software?


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