Wine Cellar Temp Monitor

Project Documentation

Description:  Based on Arduino UNO (SMD) this circuit prevents a wine cooler from going over temperature and cooking the wine – an unfortunately common experience.

System Design: Old Arduino UNO SMD platform with Sparkfun digital Seven Segment Temperature display and DS one wine temperature sensor.

Software: Arduino looping function that captures temperature and then compares to limit points to make a decision to turn off power to wine cooler and stop an overheating situation. The file name is S7_1Wire_Oct11 – using onewire and softwareserial libraries.  It is in the Arduino directory in the GA99F computer, running on Win 7 Home Premium.

Hardware: Uno SMD platform, with Sparkfun Seven Segment Serial 4 digit display and DS1820 one wire temperature sensor.  This is interfaced to the Powerswitch Tail II, 110 Volt switching module.



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