Arduino Feather – Capacitance and Seven Segment Project (Ver. 1)

The Feather is a relatively new Arduino variant from Adafruit which has a 48Mhz clock, a real DAC and improved ADC (12 bits) and more features than the Uno.  Below is a testbed that demonstrates some various hardware combinations:

Software:  There are two source files:

SSeg_feather_Mar15a for the Seven Segment demonstration with input on A1, and the SS display with a I2C serial interface.

Cap_feather_Mar15 – TBD.

Both on MacBook Air, in Arduino folders.

Platform: Feather M0 Core from Adafruit.

Components:  Sparkfun 4 digit seven segment display, 10K pot between 0-3.3v, connected to A1.

Schematic: Simple – SSeg to +3.3, ground; I2C via SDL, SCA, and 10K pot with variable wiper going to A1, 10uF bypass on supply.

Layout: See photo

Notes: Added averaging (10 samples) and 500ms delay so readout is legible.

MetaData: In lab notebook (3/15) and in GoogleDrive>Projects.

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