Computer Overhaul

My GA99F system was getting krufty and was freezing frequently, so I decided that after 2 years to give it a brain transplant.  What really happened was a body & brain transplant.

What I learned in the process of going from the Win 7 (GA99F->Ubuntu 14.04, and then replacing Ubuntu Machine with GA990 Motherboard ->Win 10) to Win 10.

1.  To halt a Linux system, there are keys that can easily get its attention:  PrtScn (SysReq), Alt, and then a variety of letter keys, but shutdown is ‘o’.  VERY USEFUL.

2.  To stop the boot process on a GigaByte motherboard, and maybe others, there are two important secrets:  1.  connect keyboard DIRECTLY to the MB.  2.  press DEL key MULTIPLE times!

I realized that I really like this – playing under the hood.  However, it requires patience and joy in learning.  If you need a computer in a hurry, or at low cost, this is not the way to go.


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