Arduino Installation IDE on Ubuntu 16.04

What a day installing and removing and installing the Arduino IDE on the new Z170/i5 computer that was built over the last three days.  I learned quite a bit on the journey and the purpose of this blog is to briefly highlight the steps and pitfalls.

  1. Downloaded Arduino IDE 1.7.10 for Linux64 (this was a mistake, because the Teensyduino application, which interfaces the IDE to Teensy 3.2 Arduinos is not compatible with 1.7, so I had to download 1.6.8).  READ ERROR MESSAGES from Teensyduino!
  2. Java was missing so I needed to install this – jre default
  3. Modified permissions of ‘dial out’ and ‘TTYACMO’ (note this varies from install to install) READ ERROR MESSAGES!
  4. Got AVRDude error messages because I did not select the right processor (selected Pro Mini 168 and should have been 368)  READ ERROR MESSAGES!
  5. Installed 1.6.8, installed Teensyduino 1.28, and then 49 rules – I put the Arduino app in the Home folder to prevent R/W error messages when they were in usr/local (though I now discovered the issue was probably not protection, but that I did not have 1.6.8 downloaded)

Thanks to Sliverhoof on Reddit & Snackeye’s blog post on installing Arduino and Teensyduino.

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