Using nRF24 RF Wireless Link from Nordic

Another learning project based on this Nordic Semiconductor product, NRF24L01 chip.  Nordic, RF, 2.4 GHz part with really flexible and high bandwidth radio performance for digital sensor data.

Purchased a 6 pack from Amazon for very little Dollars – maybe only $4 per circuit board and trying to set up.  From the problem solving post from 5 years ago, here are some steps:

  • Review prior projects – have we done this before?
  • Look at Safari and Amazon for answers – are there books on this topic?
  • Research physical books – look at the physical library
  • Search internet – Arduino, Wikis, Specialist sites, then general search
  • Search YouTube – find gurus and experts who have series, then individuals

Well, I hit gold with the 4th bullet, internet search where I landed on an Arduino wikispaces site that has a number of posts on the nRF24L01 chip, including a page on how to solve problems with the device.

Although I was keen to dual bypass the Nordic breakout board and connect it the the 3.3 VDC pin of the Arduino Pro Mini (3.3 V, 8 MHz), it turns out that this probably was the problem.  I connected both devices to my lab supply of 3.3 VDC, and the test routines that I loaded worked immediately!  First time!

  • Routine:  YourDuinoStarter Example: Simple nRF24L01 radio
  • Source: – 2.4GHz – HowTo (check spaces!)

Now on to integrating this with a sensor for remote data logging.  Will be using BMP180 sensor to monitor pressure and temperature.

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