BMP180 Barometric Sensor, Sparkfun Serial Seven Segment & Feather Cortex M0 Processor

Project for portable Arduino work that also allows integration and experimentation with BMP180 Barometric Sensor breakout board.  It also has a pushbutton input and a photo transistor, and a voltage divider to measure current.  I plan to use this in the future to measure current draw for Arduinos and also the KX3.

Original documentation is from Oct 6, 2016 and is recorded in the Green notebook.  This project incorporates some unusual libraries and should be a benchmark/standard for future projects.  The libraries include:
  • The hardware uses a small 5cm x 7cm substrate board, on which the feather and s7s is mounted.  The various components are also attached to the substrate
  • The BMP180 is attached to the feather breadboard area
  • The substrate board is attached to a Mintz tin by high strength loop and hook adhesive pads – on on Mintz tin,  and the other on the substrate

The software looks like:

  • Adafruit Unified Sensor Library
  • SERCOM Library to allow use of multiplexed hardware IO as the Feather does not do software serial (also includes pin Peripheral function)
  • Standard Seven Segment library, but uses SERCOM, not software serial
  • Arduino Code:  hwSer_180_s7s_f_nov12a, stored in the Ubuntu and Mac Book Air computers
  • The Feather sometimes requires the use of the reset button to load new software

The code looks like the following:

  • Setup  the serial ports, the pressure sensor, and the seven segment display
  • Displays the code date of 1112
  • Loop: gets sensor data (if valid), and then prints it to the console monitor and then formats it for display on the seven segment, and displays the pressure and temperature alternating every second. 
  • The temperature is in degrees f, and the pressure is in millibars

Schematic Diagram of the system:



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