ARM Capacitance Sensor

The Teensy 3.2 is an amazing small Arduino, and it uses a powerful ARM processor running at 96 MHz.  One of the benefits of this part is that it has a multitude of sensor inputs (on the order of 12) that can be used as switches or similar sensors.

This is a plot from a sketch with approximately 1 ms sample rate (I think it is more like 10 ms sample rate because I was simulating a button press).  I plan to use this as a synthesizer input for generation of electronic music.  Note the baseline is 1000 units, which is much higher than a normal open pin value of 17 or so.  This is due to the length of wires, the layout and the brass pad of approximately .5 x .8 inches.

The C++ (Arduino) code used to create this is, and the plot was performed in the LibreOffice application Calc.
void setup(void)

void loop(void)

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