Generating Music on iOS with AudioShare

AudioShare (2.7.4) is a file organizer for iOS that helps one record from various applications, apply special effects, perform editing, and then save the file locally or to other locations, such as Dropbox.  It is very easy to use, efficient, and extremely handy – serving a number of really needed functions.  I discovered this App, and learned how to use it with the book “Ipad Music School: A Hands-On Introduction” by Clif Johnston – you can learn about more at

The workflow to use AudioShare to record, edit and upload a music performance using another iOS App:  DRC (audio synth) is as follows:

  • Setup: Press Mic Button, Select Mic w/(+), and Select App (DRC); Turn on Monitor and Press Record
  • Record: Switch to App (DRC), play tune sequence, then press lower left arrow to return to AudioShare
  • Save: Press Record again  to stop recording, Edit by pressing Tools in upper right, trim and normalize piece, save when done; Edit file name by holding file name until menu appears where you can edit and move file into folder
  • Upload: Press button on bottom showing icon for uploading, select proper location in iOS system file message box, select DropBox and file where appropriate

That is all there is to using AudioShare. It also works with many other applications and collaborates with signal processing/effects Apps as well.




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